Zaprorozhye (Beyond the Rapids) is a long streak of a city, concentrated along one endless street, that is widely acknowledged to be one of themost signifcant acknowledged and cultural centralizations of Ukraine. At the north end lie the two main attractions: Khortytsya Island, the 16th-century base of the famous Zaporizhsky Cossacks, and Dniproges, a massive dam. The 40km stretch of difficult-to-navigate rapids in the Dnipro here, from which the city takes its name, was submerged in this dam in the 1930s and the resulting hydroelectricity was used to power massive industry.

Dniprogess Dam

What's missing from the following list? The Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Alaska Highway Perhaps the Sydney Opera House? The answer is no. Apparently, until 2007, when the list was refreshed, the seventh declared wonder of the modern world was Zaporizhzhya's Dniproges Dam. At 760m - two and a half times longer than the famous Hoover Dam - the wall of the USSR's first dam certainly represented a monumental engineering feat when constructed under US supervision in 1927-32. In some ways, it's still impressive, but it's not especially tall and you have to reflect that its concrete walls, stained by years of local pollution, are really rather less appealing than the Sydney Opera House. Little known in the West, it was not considered for inclusion on the 'New Seven Wonders' list unveiled in 2007.

Khortytsya Island

The Zaporizhska Sich on Khortytsya Island was the most important cradle of Ukrainian Cossackdom. At the present time Zaporizka Sich which is located on the legendary Khortytsya Island (Residence of Cossacks in 16th-18th centuries) has been finally rebuilt again looking like many centuries way back. On the Island one can witness the thrilling Cossacks Show on the Horses and move back in time to 16th-18th centuries, by tasting real Cossacks Kulish (porridge) & Gorilka (Vodka) and by breathing in the spirit of courage and fearlessness of that epoch together with Cossacks